Sharon Barnett is a successful producer, performer, certified image/feng shui practitioner with over 20 years experience. For theatre she produced the musical "Bowery Follies" and on television she produced the Broadway cable show "Personality Profiles". Currently, she is in the process of producing the musical "Socks".

Sharon believes that when an actor enters an audition he or she must be comfortable showcasing their unique talents and skills. "When an actor is comfortable he or she is capable of creating magic."

 The goal of Audition Ready is to:

  • help develop your confidence during the audition process
  • help to increase your chances to get hired
  • help you develop positive audition habits
  • help strengthen your presentation and performance skills
Actors and singers who get hired the most don't rely on raw talent alone. 

They take the time to develop and enhance their natural talent, inner charisma and skills. They are Audition Ready. 

You can be Audition Ready too!   Click here for class info.


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